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We believe that understanding your lifestyle and how technology can enhance it are key to selecting the best poducts for your everyday living space, whether it's your home or office. 

Shades, Window Film, and Motorization


Window Film

There is a large selection of window films available today. From the almost invisible Spectra Select products which stop 99.9 % UV light while also letting in all the natural light, to the ultra dark highly reflective RNO7 one way mirror film, we have the complete lineup. Ceramics, Reflectives, Dual Reflectives, Decorative, and Security. We are the "Vista Select Pro Dealer" for the Baton Rouge and surrounding area. We have been installing Vista window film for over 30 years with a failure rate less that 1%. If you are looking for the best window films for you home or office, Vista and LLumar are the only brands we sell and will only sell what we install. All LLumar and Vista films are backed by a 10 Year Commercial and Limited Lifetime warranty for residential applications.


Window Shades

Our window shades are "Custom" ordered and manufactured to our clients needs. From hundreds of fabrics to choose from, decorative brackets, fabric wrapped hembars, fascias and color matched chains and guides, our shades are made to our clients wants and needs. Insolroll is our supplier of window shades and have been for over 15 years. We have searched the country and believe that we have found a supplier that delivers a product you will be happy having installed in your home. Whether it's motorized or manual shades, we can handle the project from design to installation and supply any services needed thereafter.  


Exterior Patio Shades and Screens

Sun Scape has a full line-up of exterior patio shades and screens. The difference in a screen and a shade is that the screen has a zipper channel on each side to keep insects out of the patio area. We are the only company to provide a shading and insect screen for our patio shades or screens. These can be installed in manual or motorized versions, with individual or group controls. Motorized shades can be controlled by smart phone, whole home system, or wall and hand held remotes. All of our shades are backed by the Insolroll warranty and all installations come with a lifetime labor warranty.  


Motorized Shades and Screens

Motorization in window treatments is fast becoming a must have. The sun is in a different direction throughout the day and throughout  the seasons. So the need for window treatments varies accordingly. Sometimes having to be adjusted for your needs several times a day or night. Pushing a button to adjust your window treatments would be compared to changing the stations on your television - different settings for different needs and enjoyment. Enjoy that from your smart phone, hand held remote, wall controls or integrate it into your smart home system. We can do all that!  Patio Shades, Window Shades, Screen Rooms, Conference Rooms, Offices, and even on Doors with our QMotion battery operated shades.


Decorative Films

From manufactured pattern films to custom lettering and logos, we can help customize frosted or patterned films for boardrooms, storefronts, bathroom privacy, showers or just enhancing the look of glass. We have a full line of films for your application, so let your ideas come to life.

Misconceptions About Window Film

It will Kill my Plants!
On the contrary, most plants do better with window film, because they don’t “burn” on sunny days.

It’s too Shiny…
Unless someone requests a highly reflective film, most films we recommend for residential and small commercial applications are designed with very low reflectivity. Even clear glass reflects at particular angles, and window film reacts similarly.

It’s Dark!
Our most popular films are neutral and are almost invisible on the glass.

It will Scratch…
Special scratch resistant coatings on VISTA products stand up well to normal everyday wear and tear and make cleaning and maintenance trouble free.

It won’t Last…
VISTA products use a clear distortion-free adhesive system that has been specially designed for years of performance in demanding commercial and residential applications. Vista window films are warrantied for as long as you live in your home.

It will Discolor…
The metal alloy used in VISTA window films are highly color stable. There are no dyes or pigments put in the film, so there is nothing to change color.

It will Void my Window Warranty…
The optional Vista Gold warranty provides matching protection for the homeowner’s existing glass breakage and seal failure warranty. Our standard warranty will cover glass breakage and seal failure for the first 3 years after installation. Special guidelines are followed to match a film to your type of window.