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We offer Residential Solar Screen Shades by Insolroll®. Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades block the sun, not the view! These window shades are a must for Baton Rouge, Louisiana area residents and businesses wanting to preserve their view while keeping the room from getting too bright. Solar Screen fabrics are designed to control light without eliminating it. Like sunglasses for your windows, solar screen fabrics reduce glare while allowing excellent views to the outside.

Live and Work Comfortably

Now you can live and work comfortably by reducing glare and protecting your furnishings without creating a “closed in” feeling.

Insolroll® Interior Solar Screen Shades filter the sun, offering outstanding visibility while blocking up to 99% of the glare and harmful UV rays. These PVC coated fabric mesh fabrics are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Many homes are more comfortable and open as a result of Sun Scape’s window shades installations.

Easy to use Motorized Operation
Insolroll ® Solar Screen Shades are available with manual clutch, crank, and gear, spring roller, or motorized operation. There is a wide range of fascia, cassette, and pocket hardware options to meet any application.

Solar shades and infrared solar radiation:

The part of the sun’s spectrum known as infrared is the part we perceive as heat. It warms the earth in the cold of space, and that’s a good thing! But, it can make our homes uncomfortable at times, and prompt us to use more energy in the form of air conditioning to return our space to a comfortable temperature zone. Because of the earth’s tilt, we get higher temperatures in North America from infrared radiation during the summer and lower temps in the winter. Solar shades have the advantage of being retractable, so in the warmer months, you can lower them to take advantage of maximal heat control, and in the winter months, you can raise them all the way, or just enough, to take advantage of letting more warmth into the house to reduce the costs of heating.

Solar screen fabrics are manufactured very precisely, and for every screen fabric type, we have fenestration data that has come from testing the fabric’s performance. The number we’re concerned with in terms of heat is called the Shading Coefficient, and it expresses how effective the fabric has been measured to be at filtering the heat from infrared solar radiation.

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Solar shades and the ultraviolet spectrum:

We hear almost every day about the ill-effects of UV rays, on our skin, our eyes, our floors, our furniture… everyone knows you need protection. Solar Screens also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which are associated with skin cancer, eye problems, and the degrading of materials and finishes. Lots of materials become brittle and begin to disintegrate when exposed to UV rays. Colors and finishes fade- have you ever moved a rug near a window only to find the area of the floor underneath noticeably darker? That’s the result of UV damage, and it can’t be undone. Furniture finishes craze and crack, too, but that’s nothing when you think about premature skin aging, skin cancer, and cataracts!

Protect Your Deck or Patio From the Setting Sun with Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades

Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. Oasis® Patio Shades enhance the use of outdoor living spaces by filtering the heat and glare of the sun while maintaining an airy open feeling and view to the exterior. Our roll-up solar screen shades dramatically extend the hours of quality time you can use your patio or deck by making them more comfortable in the morning or afternoon hours when the sun angle is low. Shades also provide protection from errant golf balls and a level of privacy from nearby neighbors.

Take the living outdoors with Insolroll Oasis 2900 Solar Insect Shades, available with Solar Screen Fabric for Sun and Bug protection! Oasis® 2900 Solar Insect Shades give you complete control over both insects and the sun on your patio. While insects are definitely a patio problem, too much sun can be as well. Oasis 2900 Solar Insect Shade with your choice of solar screen shade fabric, which will keep out insects while blocking the sun’s heat and glare, all while preserving your view.

Residential Automated Patio Shades by SunScape

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