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We offer Commercial Solar Screen Shades by Insolroll®. Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades block the sun, not the view! These window shades are a must for Baton Rouge, Louisiana area businesses wanting to preserve their view while keeping the room from getting too bright or warm. Solar Screen fabrics are designed to control light without eliminating it. Like sunglasses for your windows, solar screen fabrics reduce glare while allowing excellent views to the outside.

Live and Work Comfortably

Now you can live and work comfortably by reducing glare and protecting your furnishings without creating a “closed in” feeling.

Insolroll® Interior Solar Screen Shades filter the sun, offering outstanding visibility while blocking up to 99% of the glare and harmful UV rays. These PVC coated fabric mesh fabrics are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Many businesses are more comfortable and open as a result of Sun Scape’s window shades installations.

Easy to use Motorized Operation
Insolroll ® Solar Screen Shades are available with manual clutch, crank, and gear, spring roller, or motorized operation. There is a wide range of fascia, cassette, and pocket hardware options to meet any application.

There are many large corporoations taking advantage of the energy saving idea of solar shades. Not only for the reduction of utilities and providing a glare free inviroment but also the convienence of motorization and the ease of operation in hard to reach areas such as windows that are over counters, second story, clear story, fassads, and atriums. If it's a hard to reach area there is a solution... Motorization. 

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