Control Heat, Glare, and Reduce U.V.

In the planning of our riverfront home we could foresee a situation where the west window exposure was going to be particularly sun drenched. After considering our options, Vista Window film fit our needs and was installed. We kept our view, reduced the glare and heat, and have the U.V. protection to reduce the fading of our furnishings.

Buddy Kennedy

Allstar Cabinets & Millworks

Interior Decorators Believe in Window Film

In our line of business, we have had the opportunity to work with great products. We are pleased to add to this list a product from Sun Scape Window Tinting. When Kerry introduced the Vista window film to us, we were very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism he possessed. We have had the occasion to use his product and are extremely satisfied. Vista window film has been a great alternative where a window treatment might compromise the view. We shall continue to refer our clients to Sun Scape Window Tinting.

Yours truly,

The Staff at Ethan Allen

Serious Heat

As a heat control measure, we had Sun Scape Window Tinting install a LLumar Bronze window film on our East, West, and Southern exposed windows. We have noticed a significant difference in the temperature in the hallways near these windows, certainly saving on our cooling cost.

Dr. Lingard

School of Veterinary Medicine

Enjoy your view even More

Due to extreme sun exposure late in the day, we could not enjoy our view of the lake in our backyard. We had Vista window film installed by Sun Scape Window Tinting, the rooms are much cooler and the view is much better without the glare.

Zilda Richie

Property Management Companies Keep their tenants comfortable.

We had an extreme heat and glare problem in the mornings that lasted till noon, due to east sun exposure. This was solved by installing LLumar window film. Our tenants have noticed a big improvement in both glare reduction and cooler, more comfortable conditions near these windows.

Tim Nelson

Property Management Supervisor for one of Louisiana’s Largest Mortgage companies